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Jiangsu Unisun has an independent sales, production and R&D system,
advanced technology and the spirit of seeking innovation, with excellent quality and perfect service.


Jiangsu Unisun is located in Huaxi,Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China. The company has an independent sales, production and R&D system, subject to advanced technology and by asking the spirit innovated Pursue, with the excellent quality and perfect service,  Jiangsu Unisun committe to the development of new energy business.
Jiangsu Unisun, formerly known as Changzhou Yuying Coating Co., LTD., which was founded on December 30, 1988, covering an area of 14000 square meters. Adhering to the good reputation and quality products and services for 30 years in Henglin, Wujin, then created  the  Jiangsu Unisun!
Jiangsu Unisun has a perfect system, sincere service, excellent quality and honest price. Jiangsu Unisun's industry is mainly photovoltaic products and aluminum extrusion parts for new energy automotive .
Jiangsu Unisun promoting pragmatic energy project mode, actively response to the call of the party and the government of "one belt and one way" countries,like southeast Asia, South Asia, central Asia and other countries. A series of new energy automobile projects in central Asia and other countries, marked by high-quality delivery of photovoltaic engineering mode, will form a wide range of overseas brand influence of Unisun Energy!

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